Dear KLPOA Members – Hope you are all enjoying the warm (finally) weather. Just a few reminders regarding association events and other items to keep in mind. • July 21st – KLPOA Family Picnic starting at 2:00 PM. Cost is $8.00 per person (8 and under free). Please bring a favorite side dish or dishes for everyone to enjoy. No desserts please. Burgers, dogs, smoked pulled pork (thank you Kevin McGee of KJ’s BBQ), picnic salads, desserts, beer and soda will be provided. JoJo Russell will start activities around 4:00 p.m. • July 28th – KLPOA Community Yard sales 9-4. We will place an ad in the NJ Herald. Please post signs by your property. Volunteers needed to post signs at the “blinking light”. Please email or call/text Liz Mango (201-280-2927) if you want to sign up for the garage sale. It is important that we get a count of participants. • September 8th – KLPOA General Meeting, 7:00 at the Hampton Community Center • Our Badge Patrol, John Lloyd, will be out and about checking for badges at the beaches. Please wear your badge. You will be asked to leave if you do not have a badge. • It has to come to our attention that some yard debris has been left in a pile near the access road to Lake Point Court and right on the shoreline of the lake. Dumping leaves, twigs and grass clippings is prohibited and must be properly disposed. This material just adds to the nutrients that breed weeds and algae that we are trying to reduce. Please remind your landscapers to stop blowing leaves and grass into the lake as we also had complaints regarding this practice. • Water treatments by Aquatic Analysts may take place at various times over the course of the summer. Signs will be posted in the area of the treatment and will indicate whether swimming or other activity is prohibited. • Water testing required by the Sussex County Health Department will be conducted weekly at both beaches. • Thank you to our members who take time out to help keep our Kemah Lake a beautiful place to live – Jake Kiener for spreading the sand at the Little Beach, Julie Conserva for water testing, Dawn Westerkamp, Mischel Snook, Jane and Bill Simmons, Bob Carr, Ed McCann and Mike Nicomini (and I am sure others we may have missed) for keeping our beaches clean and awesome. The information above will also be posted on the website (as soon as I can get to it) as well as the Kemah Lake Facebook page. We will not be sending out a flier this year for these announcements. Thank you to everyone who provided their email address for our database. Please contact us if you have any questions. Enjoy your summer! KLPOA